Introducing the Hologic Horizon DXA System

The New Champion in Body Composition Assessment.

Cyrus Diagnostic Imaging is proud to offer a new, state of the art technology in body composition imaging – BodyLogic. This whole body scan is effective in enhancing training and nutritional programs. DEXA was originally developed to measure bone mineral density but is now capable of calculating overall fat mass, lean mass, and bone mass. The Hologic Horizon DXA system provides a BodyLogic™ scan.

The BodyLogic™ scan can help inform individualized training programs for athletes. Today, university athletic programs are using the Advanced Body Composition® Assessment, available with the BodyLogic scan on the Horizon™ DXA system

Develop tailored training programs with the BodyLogic™ scan to help athletes reach their full potential while avoiding injury.

The BodyLogic™ scan can also be used to create personalized nutrition programs for patients and athletes to complement training and weight loss programs. Using the data, a tailored nutritional strategy can be developed to prescribe certain intake of foods that will help patients or athletes meet their goals of weight loss, maintaining muscle, or gaining muscle.

We are happy to work with your fitness instructor, personal trainer, or nutritional coach to help monitor your progress. Find out how to use your results to tailor your plan!