Referrals & Authorizations

Patient Scheduling – Referrals – Authorizations

Before we schedule your exam we will need to have a few necessary items to secure your appointment. One of our scheduling representatives will coordinate the appointment process.

First, we will need a physician referral or script for the procedure – either given directly to the patient or sent directly to our imaging facility.

Second, A member of our authorization team or the physician office staff verifies the patient’s benefits with the insurance company and finds out whether an authorization is required.

Third, if authorization is required from the insurance company, they’ll require that the referring physician sends his/her clinical notes for each requested exam to the insurance company. This process may take up to 5-7 days depending on the facility.

Finally, The insurance company determines whether they consider the exam requested to be medically necessary or not and will authorize coverage for the procedure. Additional information may be required for your insurance company to make a final decision.

Our scheduling representative will call you to schedule the appointment once all of these steps are completed and authorization has been approved. If the procedure is denied, we will also notify you and your referring physician.

We are proud to contribute to your care! Thank you – Cyrus Diagnostic Imaging