PET/CT Alzheimer’s

What Is PET/CT Alzheimer’s? 

PET/CT Alzheimer’s is a breakthrough medical examination offered by Cyrus Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. PET/CT scans can show the brain’s biological changes attributable to Alzheimer’s disease before any other diagnostic test. Alzheimer’s disease can even be detected several years earlier than the onset of symptoms.

Why have PET/CT Alzheimer’s?

Early detection and confirmation of Alzheimer’s disease is extremely important. It allows you to use drug therapy to slow the loss of the patient’s ability to function. You can plan in the future before the loss of mental capacity occurs. PET/CT will also provide you with a positive and accurate diagnosis of other dementing processes, such as chronic depression and normal aging.

Who should have PET/CT Alzheimer’s? 

While the disease can occur in people in their 40s and 50s, it most commonly affects those aged 65 and older. Early symptoms may include difficulty in performing everyday tasks or remembering common words. Confusion and difficulty with reasoning are other frequent symptoms.

What is the advantage of PET/CT Alzheimer’s? 

PET/CT can determine if the cause is Alzheimer’s disease, blood flow shortages, depression, or some other reason. PET/CT can “map” the areas of the brain responsible for movement, speech and other critical functions.

Is PET/CT Alzheimer’s as good as a MR Scan? 

PET/CT can prove valuable for patients with Alzheimer’s. MR scans may render exquisite detail about the structure of the brain, but cannot determine anything about its function. With a single PET/CT scan image, abnormalities of brain function can be found that would otherwise go undetected. PET/CT is one of the most popular scanning
techniques in today’s current neuroscience research.

Are there any risks of a PET/CT scan?

PET/CT scans are very safe. You have a radioactive injection and the scan uses radiation. But the amount of radiation is the same as when you have an X-ray. The benefit of the scan, in finding out about your brain function, outweighs any potential risk from the radiation. The radioactive drug does not have any side effects.

What is the PET/CT procedure? 

A PET/CT scan is completely painless and has no side effects. After fasting for 6 hours, you will receive an injection of a trace amount of radioactive glucose, which is distributed throughout the body. About 40-45 minutes after the injection you will lie down on a scanner bed. Images will be taken of your brain as you lie still in the scanner.

What happens after the examination? 

After the examination, one of Cyrus Diagnostic Imaging’s expert clinicians will review your images in depth and generate a full written report for your doctor. Your PET scan will produce a “picture” of how your body’s cells are functioning, whereas an x-ray, CT scan, or MRI produce a picture of bones, organs and tissues. Your PET/CT scan will help you and your physician make a more informed decision about your diagnosis and treatment path.