New Standard in PET/CT

The world’s first and only Open PET/CT scanner GEMINI brings Brilliance CT 16 Power anatomical data and ALLEGRO PET metabolic data together in fused images that allow you to detect and diagnose even very small lesions. It is a system without compromise — offering all the advantages of the stand-alone systems in a combined PET/CT scanner.

The world’s first and only Open PET/CT system, GEMINI features Expanse Technology to reduce claustrophobia and patient anxiety. Expanse also enables separation of the gantries, to allow independent operation of either the CT or PET component. In addition, Expanse Technology allows easy patient access and facilitates potential interventional procedures.
With this unique advantage, you’ll have the confidence of flexible use that accommodates a variety of clinical applications.

GEMINI is paired with Syntegra software, the only software environment designed specifically to aid communication between radiology and radiation oncology. And GEMINI is backed by Philips commitment to secure upgrade paths, outstanding service and future-ready technology.

ALLEGRO PET provides

• Excellent image quality with sub-5 mm spatial resolution to detect very small lesions, and 3D RAMLA reconstruction
•Outstanding homogeneity with PIXELAR detector
•Lower dose and shorter imaging time with 3D acquisition and GSO crystal technology

Brilliance CT 16 Power provides:
• Unparalleled reconstruction f3tès with RapidView
•The legendary MRC tube, with rapid heat dissipation for no delays between exams
•ScanTools advanced scanning package
•DoseWise, including Smart Beam Management, which blocks X-rays that do not contribute to image quality
•Cone Beam Reconstruction Algorithm (COBRA), which enables true 3D data acquisition and reconstruction in both axial and spiral scanning
•Best-in-class cardiac imaging with the full power of Philips Rate Responsive Technology

* GEMINI is also available with the advanced Mx8000 Dual-Slice CT scanner.

Exceptional image quality

The primary goal of any imaging equipment is to enable more confident diagnoses. In a PET/CT scanner, this starts with excellent image quality. With GEMINI, you’ll have the data you need to assess lesions confidently, as well as the tools required for emerging applications in cardiology, neurology and treatment planning.

GEMINI’s PET image acquisition is truly 3D, offering the ultimate in image quality. GEMINI’s PIXELAR detector with GSO crystal technology maximizes true counts and reduces scatter and randoms, resulting in excellent homogeneity, high count rates, and stability.

GEMINI’s CT is without compromise, whether used on its own or in combination with PET. Offering high resolution and thin slices to visualize even the smallest details, it features:
• A high efficiency detector with true sub millimeter isotropic imaging
•Exclusive Tach Technology that results in a 30% improvement in SNR
•A full range of advanced applications, such as CT angiography, prospective gated cardiac imaging, perfusion exams, whole-body coverage and vascular studies

With GEMINI, fast image reconstruction and post-processing pair with acquisition to enhance diagnostic confidence. Within Workspace, the CT user interface that resides on the GEMINI gantry, you can differentiate overlying structures with Philips exclusive Fade MIP algorithm, or perform advanced post-processing such as advanced vessel analysis and brain perfusion. For neuro imaging, Ultralmage reconstruction techniques provide better soft-tissue differentiation and superior edge definition, in addition to removing artifacts.
Because GEMINI uses Advanced 3D RAMLA reconstruction, rather than simply acquiring in 3D, the PET acquisition and reconstruction geometry are perfectly matched. This minimizes reconstruction artifacts, resulting in truer representation of the activity distribution.

Virtually every patient, every time

GEMINI’s unique design makes it easy to scan patients who present challenges on other PET/CT scanners. These include:

•Claustrophobic patients, due to the open design
•Wheelchair patients, due to the low table height
•Melanoma patients in a single scan, due to 190 cm total imaging length
•Head and neck cancer patients with significant dental work, due to Philips exclusive Cs-i 37 attenuation correction
•Patients with hip pins or prostheses, due to Cs-i 37 attenuation correction
•Pediatric patients – Philips Brilliance CT documents a sedation rate (for CT-only studies) of just0%, compared to the industry-expected 60%

Opening a new level of comfort

GEMNI’s unique open design offers increased patient comfort, particularly for anxious and claustrophobic patients. Expanse Technology means patients can see outside the bore for part of the exam, allowing them to relax and offering the potential for staff/patient contact.

GEMINI’s DoseWise technology provides low dose CT exposure throughout the exam, including Smart Beam Management — which blocks all X-rays that do not contribute to image quality – and 3D PET acquisition to optimize the use of radiopharmaceuticals and to minimize the injected PET dose. In addition, short acquisition times lead to fast exams, which minimize the time spent on the scanner. And as your patients will tell you, a shorter exam is a more comfortable exam.

Designed by Philips world-renowned design team, the GEMINI PET/CT also features a comfortable table with easy access for wheelchair patients, and pleasing colors that put patients at ease.